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How We helped a leading Retail Brand with their Data Acqusition Problem

Voucherstack Team


A new store was launched at a new location inside a mall. The main objective was to attract and motivate people to visit this new store.


Email marketing failed as the existing CRM did not include data of people from this new location. Also, media buying was too expensive


Offering incentives to acquire hyper local data was a viable option. The marketing team chose Voucherstack to run a real time incentive campaign to help pull in shoppers from around the mall into their store.

How did we do this?

The store hired promoters who went around the mall speaking to shoppers and capturing their data while offering real-time incentives (limited time discount vouchers) through SMS. Shoppers gave a missed call to a number given to them by the promoters. Once they gave the missed call, two things were triggered:

💡 A limited time discount coupon was sent through SMS to their number

💡 The person was enrolled automatically to the store’s loyalty program

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With Voucherstack, we managed to achieve the primary objective of pulling more customers into their new store. In addition, it enabled the store to achieve the following:

Boosted sales revenue

The limited time vouchers created a strong sense of urgency among customers which in turn resulted in higher sales.

Acquired hyper local customer data

From the new location rapidly. The data was acquired irrespective of whether the voucher was used or not.

Reduce Chances of Fraud

Controlled losses by reducing the chances of fraudulent use. Every voucher given could only be used once.