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Boost Sales with Custom Gift Cards

Voucherstack Team

Did you know you can increase sales even when your shoppers don’t know what to buy? Offering gift cards or gift certificates for your business makes it easy for customers to find a suitable gift option, whether they’re pressed for time or just not sure what the recipient wants. And, gift cards also drive more foot/web traffic by encouraging recipients to redeem their cards. And even if they don’t, it’s still money in your pocket.

Handing someone an actual gift card instead of a digital email with a gift card attached is still more desirable for many who enjoy the act of gift-giving. More than 50% of consumers still prefer physical gift cards. They are also ideal for small businesses with a storefront or limited digital footprint.

Benefits of custom gift cards for businesses

Branding and marketing opportunities

When creating your own custom gift cards, you can control the design and where you place your logo. You can also add custom messaging or target-specific designs, such as holidays, sports teams, or hobbies.

Increased customer loyalty and engagement

Gift cards obviously encourage repeat business because the recipient has to shop at your store to redeem the card. They can also attract new customers through the gifting process. And if done correctly they create positive brand associations

Flexibility and convenience for both businesses and customers

Gift cards are great because they can usually be customizable by their value, denomination, or product. They are generally easy for the gifter to purchase and the giftee to redeem, and in many cases, they can be used online or in-store.

Promoting and marketing custom gift cards 

Utilize digital marketing channels

Let your customers know you offer gift cards. If you have a social media presence, launch a campaign to let your subscribers know. If email marketing is your mainstay, then announce and add mentions of your gift cards in those. And obviously, add them to any website and online promotions you offer.

Partner with influencers or collaborators

Look for co-branding opportunities or joint promotions and giveaways where you can offer your gift cards. Also, leverage and influencers you might have that can also help promote your cards as well as your business, especially if you aren’t a master at social media.

In-store promotion strategies

Make sure to create point-of-sale displays and signage so customers realize you have gift cards. Also, make sure your employees are trained at selling and recommending the cards. Cross-promoting your cards with other products or services is also a great way to get the cards rolling.

When you design your own gift cards, you can create a unique look every time. Keep your branding consistent but change the cards to fit special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, and weddings. If you’re using two-sided gift cards, consider using one side for your logo and the flip side for the gift card information.

Your gift cards also don’t have to be restricted to a cash amount. You can offer cards that provide the recipient with a free service or specific product, such as a massage, pedicure, or a trio of gourmet cupcakes.

Tracking and analyzing gift card performance

Implement a tracking system

Make sure you have a tracking system like Voucherstack. We offer a gift card management software that allows you to keep track of sales and redemptions is key.

Monitoring gift card usage and trends

By tracking redemption rates you’ll be able to better analyze your customers’ spending habits. It will also help you identify popular gift card designs and denominations for future sales or promotions.

Adjust your strategy based on the data

Modify your promotional efforts based on what you learn from monitoring sales. You can offer targeted incentives or rewards to both customers and employees.

Remember the benefits of custom gift cards for businesses are many, from new foot traffic and sales, to more brand recognition for growing companies. Make sure to incorporate your brand look and feel and market your gift cards to customers in-store, online, and through social media and email. And most importantly, keep track of sales and redemptions.